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Cleaning your roof is something most don’t consider in regular maintenance of a home – until you look up and notice the unsightly black streaks on your shingles, most commonly found on the north-facing roof surfaces. Roofs can quickly become discolored from mold, moss, and algae due to extra moisture and lack of sun exposure. Restoring your roof’s appearance is achievable using soft wash techniques that won’t damage fragile shingles. By cleaning your roof on a regular basis, you are extending its lifespan, so it won’t need to be replaced prematurely. The difference in cleaning your roof can be drastic and is easily fixed with our roof washing equipment.

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Roof Washing Provides Numerous Benefits

Your roof is your first line of defense in your home from rain, snow, hail, and other natural hazards. Keeping it clean is critical and PSI OFF Pressure Washing can help. We use a soft washing technique which is low-pressure water mixed with a cleanser to help remove the black stains and growth without using high pressure or the need to walk on the roof in most cases.

Neglecting a dirty and stained roof can be extremely expensive in the long run. Replacing a roof is very expensive and can easily cost $10k for an average size home. Not to mention the lack of curb appeal your home has compared to your neighbors.

Extends the life of your roof – By removing organic growth, we eliminate organisms that decompose your roof materials faster than normal

Increases Curb Appeal – We remove unsightly stains that take away from your home’s beauty

Restores your roof to its original color – Our low-pressure cleaning restores shingles and other roofing materials to their original color

Won’t Damage Building Materials – Because we use low-pressure, there is no risk of damaging roofing, siding, or other delicate materials that high-pressure water can.

There is still a need for pressure washing the exterior of homes and businesses, especially when it involves very hard and durable surfaces.  Your roof is not one of those, and many companies don’t use soft washing techniques that could easily damage some of the most important weatherproofing materials on your home or commercial building.

Why Hire a Roof Washing Professional?

Hiring a roof washing and cleaning company in Huntsville is a wise choice for several compelling reasons, especially when considering soft washing versus pressure washing, safety, equipment, and the skills of a professional.

  1. Safety: Roof washing can be a hazardous task. Professionals in Huntsville are trained to navigate rooftops safely, reducing the risk of accidents that can occur during DIY attempts.

  2. Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing: A key distinction is that soft washing is gentle on your roof, using low-pressure water combined with specialized cleaning solutions. This method effectively removes mold, algae, and dirt without causing damage. In contrast, pressure washing can be too harsh and may lead to shingle damage and water penetration.

  3. Specialized Equipment: Roof washing professionals in Huntsville have access to industry-grade equipment specifically designed for soft washing. This equipment ensures a thorough and safe cleaning process while preserving the integrity of your roof.

  4. Expertise: Experienced professionals have the knowledge and skills to assess your roof’s condition, determine the appropriate cleaning methods, and select the right cleaning solutions. They can also identify and address any issues that may require repair or maintenance.

  5. Preventative Maintenance: Regular roof washing not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but also extends the life of your roof by removing harmful organisms that can deteriorate shingles over time.

Hiring a roof washing company in Huntsville, AL, is essential for your safety, the longevity of your roof, and the preservation of your home’s appearance. Opt for soft washing over pressure washing to ensure a gentle yet effective cleaning process, and rely on professionals with the right equipment and expertise to get the job done.

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