Roof Washing Project Overview

This project received our roof washing and soft washing service to rinse away years of organic growth on the asphalt shingles. We were able to saturate the entire roof with our commercial-grade, industry-leading equipment without ever having to walk on the customer's roof.

It is very common to see the black streaks on asphalt shingles on the north side of a home where limited sunlight exposure allows for rapid organic growth.

Soft Wash Service Benefits

Years of organic growth can really change the appearance of your home. Our soft washing service, often times referred to as house washing, can quickly change the appearance and longevity of your roofing materials. Our equipment is able to access and handle difficult jobs in hard-to-reach locations.  By cleaning your roof regularly, especially when there are visible black streaks, you will extend the life of your shingles.  Allowing organic growth to occur on shingles enables rapid decay of the roofing materials, causing the release of the asphalt granules, thus exposing the vulnerable part of the shingle.

Replacing a roof is extremely labor-intensive and costly.  Preventative maintenance will slow down unnecessary roof leaks or the need to replace your entire roof.  Leave it to the professionals when it comes to cleaning your roof as we have the equipment and experience to clean your home or business quickly and safely.