Red Clay staining is extremely difficult to remove from concrete, brick, and siding.  It is prevalent here in Huntsville and is seen throughout our communities on foundations, driveways, and sidewalks.

Red Clay Removal With Pressure Washing

Our project at Clift Farm in Madison presented quite the challenge of red clay staining on this homeowners sidewalks and driveway.  The job required the full removal of the stains via pressure washing to restore the property to its original condition.

We used our power washing equipment that leverages high pressures to blast away dirt and stains from hard surfaces.  After wetting the areas with our cleaning solution, we used our large surface cleaner to make fast work of the sidewalk and driveway.  This pressure washing technique allows for even surface cleaning, and large area coverage, and ensures there are no missed areas left behind. Our hand wand was used for hard-to-reach places and along curbs.  After the pressure wash, we rinsed all surfaces to remove any remaining contaminants.

What Causes Red Clay Staining and How Can it be Prevented?

Red clay staining is caused when the soil comes in contact with water and then your home or businesss hard surfaces.  Along foundations, the staining usually occurs because bare dirt is exposed to falling rain or leaking gutters that splatter alongside the foundation.  The best remedy to prevent further staining is to ensure proper ground coverage along the foundation.  This could be grass, shrubs, mulch, or any other material that will cover the red clay soil

Driveways and sidewalks become stained from car tires and adjacent red soil areas next to the concrete.  The areas next to your sidewalks and driveway should be covered to prevent the spillover of muddy soils to your sidewalks and driveway.

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