Commercial buildings and common areas need significant care and attention.  They usually need more frequent maintenance than our homes do.  Pressure washing a commercial building is a job for professionals so the building owners can spend time on their business and not the maintenance.

Commercial Soft Washing | Building Wash

This commercial project involved many different services that we offer.  Our first task was to leverage our soft wash equipment to do a building wash.  The soft washing covered the cleaning of the brick exterior and windows.  We sprayed our cleaning solution on the exterior surfaces and allowed it to do its magic.  For the windows, we use deionized water filtration to ensure a spotless wash and rinse.  Afterward, we ensured the solutions were cleaned and the shrubs and grass were rinsed of any remaining materials.

Commercial Concrete Pressure Washing

Next, we moved on to pressure washing the concrete sidewalks and curbing.  Our mobile pressure washing equipment allowed us easy access around the building as we used our concrete surface cleaner.  This tool is extremely important in flat concrete pressure washing as it ensures a very even clean and will not leave the streaks cleaning by hand.  This also helps us make fast work of large areas so we can clean a job and leave before impacting the business and its employees.